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2 of ma favourite God-sent Spices

Natural spices for me are just a must in my cooking. Apart from the fact that they are products of nature, they have medicinal uses as well as culinary uses.this post will just give an overview of TWO of the very many, we will look at these and more, intricately during the "foods that heal" series.

Ginger; Mainly grown in Africa, India, jamaica, China, this spice produces a hot fragrant kitchen spice. ginger roots can be steeped in hot water to make ginger tea. In western cuisine, its used in making ginger ale, ginger snaps ,gingerbead and other sweets but I dont negotiate its use when boiling meat, cooking jollof rice ,fried rice,grilled fish and other savoury dishes. its a must have! I can almost grate it into my omelletes.wide grin! Somehow I prefer the fresh ginger root to the powdered one...I remember one of my friends telling me I just like "wahala" (stress) by peeling and grating/crushing the fresh ginger knowing that the powdered ginger is easier and faster …