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Creamy tomato and beef pasta Bake

Oven cooking is really convenient for me. I always encourage moms and caregivers to have a great relationship with their ovens. Pasta bake allows you to throw in all the right classes of food to create a balanced diet for the children and the family. It typically consists of pasta ,tomato sauce or a white sauce,vegetables(carrots,sweet corn,mushrooms,broccoli, cauliflower,bell peppers and much more),protein(tuna,beef,turkey,chicken),dairy (optional) not everyone likes to eat cheese or milk,a creamy vegetable like  smoothly blended avocados or legumes like chickpeas can make pasta creamy if you don't want cheese. For this recipe, i mixed macaroni and spaghetti just because while the macaroni was in the pot, I sensed my children would eat more than usual so i checked the pantry for more macaroni and found spaghetti instead and thought why not?they are all pasta,with different shapes. Ingredients Macaroni (2 packets)                                                           
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Coconut flour Loaf

Let's face it, baking with gluten free flour can be tricky. some of  these flours require that the baker has an understanding of the textures. So i have had funny experiences with coconut flour and i felt like I wasted my ingredients in the end but trust me, I always turned them into something else as long as it was edible.  I don't like to waste my ingredients so I'd typically stick to baking with other flours which I do quite effortlessly. So after chats with a food buddie and my sister  ,I decided to try baking with coconut flour.  my sister who believes that I can cook or bake anything was wondering why I needed all the details ,this flour had drilled me that why I needed a Practical recipe someone had followed. Thank you sisters😁😘.                                                                            Add caption We also drizzled another batch of it with home made chocolate sauce😁 .(like in the picture below) Here is a quick recipe just incase you

Easy Banana,peanut butter Oat bake

One of the easiest breakfast recipes I recommend is, the oat bake. Initially i'd bake it in a loaf pan and realize i should have made more. These days, because my children are older and eat more,baking it in a small loaf pan doesn't just work,i use my big oval casserole dish to bake a huge batch and we just slice them out.  Just a few words about the nutrient profile of oats: Rich in  Zinc, Manganese,   Selenium,  Magnesium, Phosphorus. They also contain both soluble and insoluble fibre. It supports cognitive development and is recommended for children. I use normal oats, not the oat flour, I guess you can use your oat flour or mill your oats into flour with a food processor. You can also mix the batter in a blender like I have done for years. This always works.In the past , I took orders to bake these for people who don't have time to bake or who don't really have the baking flair,and the review was always good. These are especially good for people children on a

Cinnamon Plantain fritters

This is my first blog post in 2020, should I say, having an Instagram account has boycotted my blogging? It takes conscious effort to blog when most followers are so active on Instagram and engage directly with posts, but I wont forget my cute blog. Love you forever bloggie, for the times you were great company during all my maternity leave experiences.                   Its been a lockdown period globally because of Covid-19 and I trust you are all keeping safe. Remember, God is our refuge, our very present help in time of need. This too shall pass. This lockdown came with all sorts of cravings for my family members, starting with me,the head chef,haha. Today's snack was prepared within few minutes. You can name it plantain fritters. I think I have a very old blogpost called plantain puffs which is very similar to what i made today. So just before you throw away your overripe plantain, think about this recipe and make a sweet treat. Now there's a very traditional rec

No-bake chocolate peanut butter balls

Hello all, So here's a fun treat for your kids.this idea came up when I collaborated with a Nigerian brand,nutzy peanut butter,to create fun recipes with their product. It actually tastes like KitKat because if the chocolate and whole oats inside.yumyum.  Peanut butter is very rich in protein and is a good source of fat and energy. In cases of malnutrition in countries,it has been used to restore nutrients in children.  If you don't have chocolate peanut butter,you can add cocoa to the recipe. Ingredients  2 cups chocolate peanut butter  1/2 cups Oats (you can blend to flour or use like that.I used mine without blending) Cocoa(only if there's no chocolate peanut butter) Make it! Combine all ingredients and mold in balls.put it in the refrigerator for 30mins,bring it out and roll it again(because it would have formed and would roll more easily) Serve chilled. Hmm,the infinix hot 6 is not doing too badly incase you need a review.but

Easy Mixed veggie and chicken stirfry.

One of my favorite places to visit is Plateau State in the North Central part of Nigeria. The vegetation is so special and they grow the freshest fruits and vegetables. I always buy a big stash of the fruits and veggies when I travel there. Here's an easy stir-fry to go with your rice or potatoes. Plus you can eat it just the way it is. The ingredients are   Chicken breast (cooked and shredded or diced)       Carrots,  Cauliflower, Broccoli, 1 clove of garlic and some ginger,both grated Green beans and sweet peppers sauteed in oil and seasoned lightly.  2 tablespoons olive or coconut oil. seasoning,pinch of turmeric In a sauce pan,add some oil and heat lightly, add diced onions, ginger and garlic, be careful not to burn the garlic. Add the rest of the veggies and season lightly,allow it to simmer on low heat till the veggies are a little soft but be careful not to overcook the veggies to get the best nutrients from it.(5 minutes on low heat). Enjoy you

Cinnamon rolls

Cinnamon rolls were a favorite snack during undergrad,it was always yummy coming right out of the oven in the pastry shop. The warm smell of cinnamon and butter filled the air as students lined up to buy them fresh. Hands up if you were one of those students. I know many moms are already overwhelmed with cooking meals,baking doesn't seem to even be an option but its okay to clean out your ovens,one or two bakes will make everyone at home happy. Here's my cinnamon roll,its a yummy winner. I tried the chocolate spread as a second variant and it was goood. Another variant i make has apple pie filling. Here is the recipe.Its not as complicated as it sounds or may seem. The recipes vary,some add more butter,eggs,sugar but this one works perfectly for me.Take it a step at a time. I hardly put frosting on mine also because its so sweet already. Ingredients Bread 3 cups of flour (I double the recipe most times,set some flour aside forr the work surface when rolling your dough)