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Saturday morning rendevouz

A biuuuutifule saturday morning for me is one filled with love,sharing,laughter and worship. after a good family devotion,I like to have the tv on while making an interesting breakfast,sometimes an african breakfast(Precisel
y Nigerian),other times,something english,french or western for a change.
Today its french toast and caramelized apples drizzled with honey/Syrup. french toast is so easy to make,(Recipe on my blog).One interesting thing about this meal is,it can be served as breakfast or dessert.

Fruit smoothies are great with french toast.They add that burst of energy and nutrients.Blend together your favourite fruits on high speed,its better not to strain it because what you would get is a thin liquid called combo today was pineapples,apples and pears.really yummy and healthy. Its also great for older babies and toddlers.You should try it. You may also want to read my post on the benefits of apples to encourage you on the need to add apples to your diet. I served break…