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Best of Naija series -Yam and Liversauce

Here's something different from yam and eggsauce, yam and fried eggs which i would normally have made.

Its yam and liversauce. really easy! I added it to the "best of Naija" series because yam is one of the foods a Nigerian will cook and eat any-day,sometimes with just salted palm-oil/vegetable oil and nothing else.

For the sauce:

you'll need

boiled cow liver,kidney(optional) dicedTwo large green pepper1 large red bell pepperalready blended tomatoes,tatashe(red bell pepper) ata rodo (habanero) and onionsvegetable oil 1 tablespoon of palm oil for its flavour(very optional)one large onion,choppedseasoninggarlic and ginger,crushed/grated

Boil the pepper and tomato paste till the water dries and set asideIn another pan/pot, fry the onions, green pepper,red pepper,ginger and garlic(never cook without those.....wide grin) and add your tomato/pepper paste,add seasoning to taste. add the already cooked and diced liver pieces.allow to simmer for about 10-12 minutes. The consiste…

Potato and vegetable stirfry

Sometimes I wonder what to do with potatoes....I mean something really quick asides french fries,shepherds pie,please fill in the blanks.......

Some years ago, here's what I came up with one sunday evening. I also recently cooked this meal and was inspired to put it on my blog.

You'll need
Potatoes                                                           carrotsgreen peppercabbagegreen beans red bell peppersa tablespoon of butter seasoning (buillion/stock cubes, black pepper)Ginger and garlic (crushed)  Let's Cook
Peel and halve the potatoes, add some salt and boil. remove from heat before its too soft and mashy. In a pan, Fry the potatoes lightly till seared with a brown color and set aside.In a pan, add some butter, diced carrots,green beans, shredded/chopped cabbage and sliced green and red bell peppers.Add the crushed ginger and garlic(i usually blend my ginger and garlic together into a paste). Add seasoning to taste.Lastly, pour the arleady cooked and lightly fried po…