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Good Old Moimoi

Good old moimoi...I ate it so much I didn't ever think of blogging it. my mum always used leaves to make it but she got me cans to make mine many years later after I got married. I made moimoi this weekend for a kids party.well the moimoi was supposed to form part of a menu called "party on a stick".

Foods on stick help prevent waste,especially among kids.
Back to my moimoi story,after I got married, I discovered that in 3 years,I had gone out of my way to make moimoi just 5 mum would not be proud of me with this statistics...especially with the beautiful cans she got me...I decided to step up my moimoi game.
One of the things that discouraged me ,is peeling the beans...One day my hubby peeled it effortlessly and i felt like...phew !okay,i can do this,I can do this. Since then I mustered some courage to peel beans. Dooney,an awesome food blogger even blogged about using your blender to peel beans. i am so going to try it.
Enough of the stories.....
For your moimoi…