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Pancakes-as easy as they come (banana pancake pops and yam pancakes)

Pancakes are so easy to make. I always say,as long as you have your non stick pan and spatula, you can work around the batter and different flavors and toppings.

I wouldn't have thought of blogging about pancakes, i feel like its so easy, but i started getting people ask me how mine tasted yummy,so I decided to share,its about getting the basic recipe, nothing else. sometimes i even skip the eggs because somehow we taste eggy things easily in my home and it could get us nauseous .sometimes I add yogurt to the mix,sometimes i skip the butter and use a spoon of canola oil. with practice,making pancakes becomes "second nature".

For someone who's really interested in seeing children eat, I make all types of pancakes, last night it was yam pancakes made from my left over boiled yam. Today its an easy pancake batter with bananas and i made tiny pieces to put on a stick to appeal to the kids. banana pancake pops!

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