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My Aunty Bank's no-fuss Shepherd's pie -3 easy steps

Gotta blog this one! Its my shepherd's pie story. I hope this blog de-mystifies the seemingly complex perception you have about the recipe.

I always wanted to have it on my christmas menu but each time I found a recipe, the ingredient list looked so long,id close it and pick something else. One day I was chatting with my Dad's Big sister who loves to cook. I have memories of eating her spicy yummy crispy fried chicken as a kid each time she came to Nigeria for holidays with my cousins. So,we had a phone chat one day and it crossed my mind that she would be a pro at cooking English food,i decided to ask if she had a simple shepherds pie recipe! Voila,here it is! While she gave me the liberty to twist and tweak her recipe(that's the beauty of cooking),i still kept it as original as possible. I always advice myself to first learn the original,then, i can start making versions of it. I didn't have one or two of the ingredients at home and I wasn't going to postpone thi…

Chicken pie

Although my kids' favourite sweet pie is apple pie, they also enjoy savoury pies,two of their best savoury pies are chicken pie and beef/meat pie.

I decided to try it out myself because it's not everytime I get the chance to go to a pastry shop or fast food shop to get them some.

Here's chicken pie! I promise to add the step by step pictures.if it's too much work for a day,you can make your dough ahead. I remember I made my dough,two days before,wrapped in in cling film and refrigerated it.

For the pastry.                  
3 cups flour

1 cup cold butter Tablespoons of cold water Half teaspoon salt Half teaspoon sugar (optional)
For the filling Potatoes Cooked chicken breast, shredded or cut in chunks Carrots Peas 2 tablespoons flour Curry, thyme,seasoning to taste
Let's go! To make your pastry, sieve salt,flour and sugar together,cut the butter into the flour mix, rub it in till you have crumbles,add the salt,sugar and one tablespoon of cold water at a time rubbing…