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Dodo (plantain) and potato egg cups

Hello! I hope you have been great,thanks for stopping by my blog today.
One big bite into this Dodo,potato and veggie egg cup and I'm like, yum! Dodo is our local name for fried plantains and many kids love it. This meal is good for breakfast and brunch and its easy to make.
                                                                         You'll need                
4 eggs
1 tomato,diced
1 plantain,diced and fried (or boiled if you like)
2 potatoes(you can use either sweet potatoes or irish potatoes or both), diced and fried
1 small red onion,diced
2 grated carrots
Pinch of salt
Pinch of pepper
Pinch of nutmeg

Mix all the ingredients together, some salt and pepper,pour into an oiled muffin pan! Bake at 180 degrees Centigrade for about 30mins or till bubbly golden and set!

You can add minced meat,shredded chicken or
Sweet corn to make a variety of flavours!
Bon Apetit!

Nutella Coconut muffins

Hi moms, its been a while.thought to share one lunch box treat .its been so helpful,it serves as an extra snack and all I have to do is make a batch that can last for the week so i can change it up with other snacks.

I always say i'm not a baker,i cook more than i bake, but for my kids, ill learn to bake and try recipes.

Here's what you need.

2 cups plain flour
One egg
One tablespoon baking powder
4 tablespoons sugar
1.5 teaspoon salt
1 cup shredded/dessicated coconut (i will share in one paragraph ho wto make yours)
Some nutella
1 cup milk.
2 tablespoons butter or 1/4 cup butter/vegetable oil

Lets bake
Mix the flour,salt,baking powder and sugar. Add the milk,egg,butter,vanilla, mix together,add the coconut in the batter, the mixture doesn't have to be smooth! Oil the muffin pan,add some in each cup,put some nutella and cover up with more batter.
Note: if you don't have access to desiccated coconut, you can make your shredded coconut, break one coconut and scoop out the flesh, gate …

Pimp my oatmeal

Here's how we eat oatmeal.Oatmeal is one of the foods that help enhance learning and memory function in children,researches have been carried out to prove this!
While it's true that oat is packed with goodness,this meal can be boring so we literally create a bar of toppings! Today's breakfast had a dollop of nutella (cocoa powder will suffice), fresh diced apples, shredded coconut(dessicated), on days that i have a lot of time on my hands, i make my own coconut by grating it and toasting in the oven or just leaving it freshly grated. 
Other toppings you can use are crushed almonds,soya milk,fresh mangos,fresh strawberries, peanut butter, raisins/dried fruits.the list goes on. We also use these toppings for our local pap (ogi) which is also highly nutritious for infants,babies toddlers and even adults.

Other ways to eat oatmeal is to top with fresh mangoes, some honey and chia seeds

For a more decadent one, top with crushed chocolate cookies, crushed almonds and some milk.

I hop…

Sweet and Irish Potato smoked chicken veggie stew.

Yes the name of the dish sounds so long. I once cooked on a TV show where they tried to give it an acronym. SIPSCVS.

Its a signature dish I put together. the ingredients are there because each of them play a great role in supporting brain and eye development in children which inadvertently improves learning and retention in the classroom. yes! (smiles).

Sweet potatoes are very rich in vitamin A, antioxidants, potassium, vitamin C and E. All these support eye health, prevent degenerative damage among other interesting benefits. I will blog on the ingredients another day. For ow, lets focus on the dish.

The smoked chicken gives it a classic taste that is unbeatable. this dish has helped many children pick up weight gain and better appetite and i am now happy to share the recipe.


*Tomatoes diced
*Onions, diced
* Cooked liver, diced
* Smoked chicken, sorted
* Sweet potatoes (boiled)
* Seasoning (bay leaves add a rich flavor)
* Blended pepper and tomato paste (boiled)
* Carrots(diced)
* Gre…

Coconutty cookies!

Cookies are my go to  weeknight snack.

Overtime i have tried different recipes and prefer the shortbread type. I literally added everything i found and told myself to stop.

2 cups of flour1/2 cup cold butter1/2 cup or handful of  raisins1/4 cup cold coconut cream/milk1/4 sugar1/2 teaspoon cinnamonTablespoons of cold water
Add the cold butter to the flour,mix it in till you have crumbs, Add the cinnamon, raisins, sugar and coconut milk. if it hasn't bound yet, add a few tablespoons of cold water to bind it into a dough.Flour a board, roll out the dough and cut into desired shapesTop with sprinkles, or tiny cereal pieces like coco pops.bake for 12-15 minutes at about 160 degrees Centigrade.

deep fried coconut raisin dough

So Last night, we all wanted a snack to indulge in. I thought about puffpuff and a yummy dip but - didn't have all that waiting time for the yeast to act.

I looked in my baking items shelf,the fridge and here's what we got. Still looking for a perfect name for it,but it just might be deep fried coconut raisin dough. The outcome was just awesome, the kids couldn't get enough of it also.

You'll need

2 cups plain flour2 level teaspoons baking powder1/2 cup granulated sugar1 teaspoon cinnamon powder1/2 teaspoon ginger powder1/2 cup coconut milk2 cups raisins/ dried fruits/currantA little water to mix

  Mix all the dry ingredients together: flour,baking powder,cinnamon powder,ginger powder,sugar. Add the coconut milk and a little water,mix till you get a consistency that is not too thick nor runny. (refer to 'dessert style mosa' for picture showing batter  thickness).     Heat some oil in a frying pot or deep pan. Test the oil for hotness by dropping tiny batter into …

My Aunty Bank's no-fuss Shepherd's pie -3 easy steps

Gotta blog this one! Its my shepherd's pie story. I hope this blog de-mystifies the seemingly complex perception you have about the recipe.

I always wanted to have it on my christmas menu but each time I found a recipe, the ingredient list looked so long,id close it and pick something else. One day I was chatting with my Dad's Big sister who loves to cook. I have memories of eating her spicy yummy crispy fried chicken as a kid each time she came to Nigeria for holidays with my cousins. So,we had a phone chat one day and it crossed my mind that she would be a pro at cooking English food,i decided to ask if she had a simple shepherds pie recipe! Voila,here it is! While she gave me the liberty to twist and tweak her recipe(that's the beauty of cooking),i still kept it as original as possible. I always advice myself to first learn the original,then, i can start making versions of it. I didn't have one or two of the ingredients at home and I wasn't going to postpone thi…

Chicken pie

Although my kids' favourite sweet pie is apple pie, they also enjoy savoury pies,two of their best savoury pies are chicken pie and beef/meat pie.

I decided to try it out myself because it's not everytime I get the chance to go to a pastry shop or fast food shop to get them some.

Here's chicken pie! I promise to add the step by step pictures.if it's too much work for a day,you can make your dough ahead. I remember I made my dough,two days before,wrapped in in cling film and refrigerated it.

For the pastry.                  
3 cups flour

1 cup cold butter Tablespoons of cold water Half teaspoon salt Half teaspoon sugar (optional)
For the filling Potatoes Cooked chicken breast, shredded or cut in chunks Carrots Peas 2 tablespoons flour Curry, thyme,seasoning to taste
Let's go! To make your pastry, sieve salt,flour and sugar together,cut the butter into the flour mix, rub it in till you have crumbles,add the salt,sugar and one tablespoon of cold water at a time rubbing…

My top three natural blood tonic for kids!!!

You must have heard on one of your visits to the doctor,the acronym 'PCV'.
 PCV is simply the 'packed cell volume'- the percentage or volume of red blood cells (erythrocytes) in the blood!

Sometimes the percentage is relatively low in children due to different reasons, it could be due to eating a diet deficient in iron, folic acid and vitamin b12.
To avoid anaemia,its important to top up your PCV. How?you may ask, Thankfully,there are natural foods that help to ensure the PCV is at the appropriate level. Because my area of interest is child nutrition and cooking, this blog will not only identify PCV boosters but also give ideas about how to creatively incorporate them into kids meals,especially picky eaters.

Without making this blog as complex as a thesis,ill list my top 3 favourite natural foods high in iron.

1)Pumpkin Leaves: Locally known as Ugwu leaves,in igbo language,these leaves are very high in iron and can be used to cure can be prepared as soup,juice or…