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Best of Naija series.....Jollof rice

Its served in every Nigerian party: weddings,naming ceremony,office parties,even bridal showers,its the popular Jollof rice.Accompanied by dodo(fried plantains), cole slaw or a full salad, this meal is yummy when cooked properly. I usually make a vegetable Jollof rice because I dont like the idea of plain rice,except off course i'm eating it with a biiiiig portion of salad.

Memoirs: I remember a School I attended outside Nigeria, organized an international week. One unique thing about that department was diverse Nationalities,I was asked to cook something Nigerians love and I didnt waste time deciding what I was gonna cook!.Jollof rice!

I called my dad(an expert in finding naija food in the US) to ask how to identify our dear 'atarodo' among dozens of species of pepper with the same colour and/or size.LOL.

I found the right ingredients thankfully and cooked it happily,garnished it with plantain, and watched the foil bowls/tray go down to the last grain as people from …

Best of naija series...Beans and dodo

Honestly as a child, I didnt like beans for any reason. I remember I would be the last kid to leave the table during lunch as i painfully swallowed each spoon of this meal I didnt quite understand. Beans is a rich source of protein as most people know, I have come to like it a bit now and can only eat it in small portions,plus it must be accompanied by DODO ( fried plantain) or ripe boiled plantain. I cook a specie of beans called "ewa oloyin" ,the english literal translation is 'Honey Beans'. I divide into two portions, make one half into porridge beans and keep the rest plain which we serve with steamed white rice,peppered stew and chicken.

This recipe is for the exact beans porridge i made. I dont like crayfish (strange huh?)so I used stockfish instead.
     you'll need
2 cups of beans1 cooking spoon of palm oilsome stockfish2 cooking spoons of fresh ground pepper (habanero)and tomatoes1 stock cube1 medium sized onionripe plantainsalt(optional)  Clean the beans…