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My Home made remedy for cold

Heres my little cold remedy

 1 Lemonhalf of a fresh ginger root, cut in pieces2 tablespoons of honey1 cup of very hot boiled water
cut the lemon into pieces, add the ginger to a mug and the honey, pour very hot water over it so its like brewing tea or infusion. the water becomes infused with the ingridients.stir and its ready to drink!

note:  according to research,ginger has been known to reduce blood pressure,If you are on anti hypertension meds, please be easy on the ginger to avoid lowering the blood pressure beyond what should be normal.

Vegetable Coconut version

A really good coconut rice has a coco-nutty taste! Some people use fresh coconuts by grating and extracting the milk, some use canned coconut milk. I have tried cooking with processed coconut milk twice. As much as I dont encourage frequent consumption of canned foods, I think this method is way easier  than the freshie, and it has the same great flavor,if not more coconutty(once or twice wont hurt)However If you prefer the fresh coconut milk, happy coconut-grating...smiles!


parboiled rice1 can of coconut milk/fresh coconut milk                garlicwhite pepperblended red pepper/tomatoes(already boiled)1 large onionolive/vegetable oilbay leafstockcubes/chicken or beef stockdiced carrots,runner beans,thinly shredded cabbagediced green pepper and red bell pepper(tatase in my local language)chopped spring onions1 teaspoon of crushed garlic mixed with grated ginger
cook the rice half way,wash off excess starch and set aside
in a pan, fry the onions and garlic,the ble…

Pasta a la Italia...or so

Pasta can be cooked in so many ways. I came up with this one sunday afternoon when I really needed to eat something different.
then I gave it an interesting name, afterall, pasta is synonymous with Italy.
·1 packet of Spaghetti
·1 large red onion
·spring onions or shallots
·2 large carrots,diced
·Half of a small cabbage
·2 large green peppers
·1 large red bell pepper (tatase in my local language)
·1 large yellow bell pepper(optional)
·1 large bay leaf
·2 tablespoons of cornflour                             
·5 tablespoons of cool water