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Cinnamon French toast

One lazy Saturday morning, I decided to have French toast for breakfast, first on my mind was akara( fried bean balls made from ground bean paste),but I wasn't gonna get into all that 'loonng' preparation,so I settled for the toast! By the way,french toast can be eaten as breakfast,brunch or a dessert! The more decadent,the more dessert-ish,lol!

I made just one chunky slice so here are my ingredients and how I made it!

1 eggOne chunky slice of breadA pinch of salt1teaspoon cinnamon1/4 cup of milkA pinch of black pepper or red pepper if you're my Nigerian sister or brother,lolSome raisinsWhipped cream (optional)
Lets go!
Whisk the egg,the salt,pepper,milk and cinnamon together,save half a teaspoon of the cinammon for dusting at the end Put some oil/ butter in a non-stick frying pan/skillet, and place on the cooker, meanwhile, soak your bread in the egg mix,you'll need a wider plate/bowl for this.

Place the soaked bread in the hot skillet and cook on each side for abo…

Dessert style cinnamon Mosa(plantain puffs)

My first attempt at making mosa was interesting. the recipe was from a good cook I admire a lot. I'd like to call it the savoury style mosa,it had ginger,pepper,salt with the plantain mash. This time, I tried a sweet/dessert style mosa. This can be served at picnics, bridal/baby showers and other parties.

What you need

1 very ripe plantain (please avoid using rotten plantain, very ripe plantain is ideal)1/2 cup of flour (US measuring cup1 tablespoon of sugar1 teaspoon cinnamon powder1 teaspoon vanilla1 cup of water1 egg (optional)Oil for frying Let's go!!!
Mash the plantain with water, add the flour till you have a batter that isn't too runny nor too thick. Your batter should be like the one in the picture below.

 Add the sugar,cinnamon, and vanilla.

 heat the oil and drop the batter in small balls. fry lightly for about 2 minutes on each side. drain the oil and dip ends in confectionery/granulated sugar.

Bon Apetit!